Landlords – Fees & Charges

SA Property will talk you through all of the relevant costs involved on a marketing meeting with you.

We can offer you different options when it comes to letting your home;

Fully Managed –

Set up fee of:

£225 + VAT (£270.00 inc VAT)


Monthly management fee:

From 10% + VAT (12% inc VAT) per month

For our most popular option (fully managed), you will only need to be registered with Rent Smart Wales.

SA Property will market the property, conduct viewings, reference potential contract holders, register their deposit and get them moved in.

Once the contract holders are in your property, we will collect the rent and forward it to you upon receipt.

We carry out regular inspections and consult with you over any maintenance queries.

Let Only –

From 60% plus VAT of first months rent (subject to a minimum fee of £325 + VAT (£390 inc VAT))

You will need to be licenced with Rent Smart Wales for this option

SA Property will market the property, conduct viewings, reference potential contract holders, register their deposit and get them moved in

Once the contract holders are in it is your responsibility to collect the rent, carry out regular inspections and any maintenance queries

Vacant Property Management –

From £25 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT) per property visit

Landlords should ensure the correct insurances are in place (buildings, contents, void cover etc)

SA Property visit your property and collect the post, turn on or off lights, open or close curtains and turn on or off the boiler

Additional costs are highlighted below:

  • Energy Performance Certificate & Property Floor Plan - £100.00 + VAT (£120.00 inc VAT)

    Every property needs an EPC, whether for sale or rent, and is renewed every 10 years.

    We also include the creation of a floor plan as well (if necessary)

  • Gas Certificate / Record £65.00 + VAT (£78.00 inc VAT)

    Every landlord who has an occupied property will need a gas safety certificate/record for that property. Solicitors, when dealing with a sale, often ask for a certificate /record

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm Installation – Fully Managed - £25.00 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT)
    Let Only - £33.34 + VAT (£40.00 inc VAT)

    Every landlord who has an occupied property will need a working carbon monoxide alarm present in any room containing a gas appliance, an oil-fired combustion appliance or a solid fuel burning combustion appliance (for instance a gas cooker, gas boiler or wood-burning stove). A relevant room includes halls, landings and corridors

  • Wired Smoke Alarms - Priced per property

    A working mains powered and interlinked smoke alarm is needed as a minimum on each floor of the dwelling

  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (E.I.C.R.) - Priced per property

    The electrical service installations must be safety inspected, in accordance with the British Standard BS7671, by a qualified person at intervals of 5 years or sooner where a previous electrical inspection has made such a recommendation. This is known as ‘periodic inspection and testing’ (PIT). A copy of the condition report setting out the results of an electrical safety inspection must be given to the contract-holder. In addition, you must provide the contract-holder with written confirmation of all investigatory and remedial work carried out on the electrical service installation as a result of an inspection

  • Maintenance Work Handling Charge - £6.50 + VAT (£7.80 inc VAT)

    If we arrange maintenance work on your behalf at your property, this handling fee is charged for our administration time

  • Property Inventory / Statement of Condition - From £100 + VAT (£120.00 inc VAT) (based on property type & number of bedrooms)

    You are now required to provide a written inventory to the contract holder within 14 days of the occupation date (so by the same time you must provide a written statement of contract) unless, as with all supplementary terms, the contract-holder agrees to it being left out.

    You must provide a copy to the contract-holder and give them 14 days to comment or agree it. If they do not respond within 14 days, you take it that it is agreed. If they do respond with comments, you should respond to these within 14 days.

  • Additional Inspections - From £25.00 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT)

    SA Property carry out inspections after the first three months then every five or six months thereafter. This charge is for inspections requested in addition to the inspections provided by SA Property

  • Written Statement of Occupation Contract or Changes to this contract - Fully Managed - £50.00 + VAT (£60.00 inc VAT)
    Let Only - £62.50 + VAT (£75.00 inc VAT)

    For the renegotiation, renewal, amendment, varying the rent, notices of the written statement of occupation contract

  • Help with Rent Smart Wales Registration - £100.00 + VAT (£120.00 inc VAT)

    For the help with registering with Rent Smart Wales, this price includes the Rent Smart Wales fee of £45.00

  • Withdrawal from Contract - £275.00 + VAT (£330.00 inc VAT) or Pay remaining monthly management fees (whichever is greater is paid)

    Charge will be applied if:

    SA Property have agreed an offer between landlord and contract holder and then the landlord changes their mind, through no fault of the contract holder

    SA Property have moved the contract holder into the property and the landlord withdraws the property from SA Property management during a fixed term

  • Banking Arrangements - £10.00 + VAT (£12.00 inc VAT)

    This charge of £12.00 inc VAT pre transaction will be applied If SA Property are sending funds to an overseas account.

    If SA Property receive payment by cheque for any circumstance then SA Property will apply a £12.00 inc VAT charge to process.

    If SA Property are paying an invoice on your behalf before the rent is received to pay the invoice then an additional £12.00 inc VAT fee will be charged

  • Overseas Landlords / Non U.K. Resident Landlord (NRL) - £120.00 + VAT (£144.00 inc VAT) per annum

    When letting property and collecting rents for non-UK resident landlords (NRL) i.e. landlords living overseas SA Property is obliged, by the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and the Taxation of Income from Land (Non-Residents) Regulations 1995, to deduct tax (at the basic tax rate) to cover any tax liability, unless the Landlord has been authorised in writing by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to receive the rent gross.

    A standard annual charge will be made for this work and SA Property may charge reasonable administration expenses for further work requested by the landlord, the landlord's accountant or the HMRC in connection with such tax liabilities.

    Currently priced at £144.00 inc VAT

    Please note - SA Property’s registration number for NRL/HMRC is 904/NA061617
  • Yearly Account Statement - £25,00 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT)

    For the preparation and production of your yearly accounts summary or for more than 3 months of landlords statements produced

  • ​Hourly Rate - £25.00 + VAT (£30.00 inc VAT)

    For the help with and consultation / advice of SA Property

Payment Method (please remember that if we are managing the property we will normally deduct any costs out of the rent received, but if you wish to pay upfront then the following bank details are to be used)

Preferred payment is bank transfer

Bank details - HSBC

Sort Code - 40 22 15

Account number - 03663167

***Remember to put your name as a reference

**Please note that for the above options we advise that you conform with the Rent Smart Wales scheme